Bible 100: Genesis to Revelation in 100 Minutes

Bible 100 is the entire Bible, Genesis to Revelation, in 100 minutes.

Bible 100 helps people see the Bible as a manageable and meaningful unified literary work with a main character (God), a conflict (Sin), and an overall theme (Redemption).

Bringing Bible 100 to Your Church is Easy

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About Bible 100 

Bible 100 is uniquely designed to help participants regardless of where they find themselves on the spectrum of Bible study experience.

Why the Bible? Even though the Bible is central to our faith as Christians, we sometimes struggle to read and understand it. The Bible is long, has lots of characters with unfamiliar names, and takes place in a part of the world most Americans will never visit. All of these factors paired with its incredible significance, leave many Christians feeling intimidated or overwhelmed when it comes to Bible study.

Why 100 Minutes? Because people are busy. This format allows participants to receive a tremendous amount of information in a condensed period of time. People appreciate how Bible 100 easily fits into their already overcrowded schedules. Plus, we couldn’t make it any shorter.

Why Beth? Beth is a popular speaker who has a special gift for building rapport with an audience. Beth uses her skills as an attorney to synthesize and present the overall story of the Bible in a condensed format that’s easy to understand.

Want to see Bible 100 for yourself? Check out this free video of a Bible 100 Live Event.

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