The Thanksgiving Everything Changed

By Beth Demme

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It was just before Thanksgiving 2002. My husband and I followed the pediatrician down the hall, our footsteps echoing off the undecorated walls and hard floors. We were inside a maternity/pediatric hospital in a small coal-mining town in southwest Russia.

The doctor led us to a bright room, with a big window, three cribs and one precious 9-month old baby boy. As soon as we walked in, he stood up in the corner of his crib and looked at us through huge brown eyes.

The doctor may have spoken to him in Russian. I don’t remember. She may have spoken to me through our translator. I don’t remember.

All I remember is walking over to his crib and scooping him up. I immediately spoke to him in cooing mother tones I had never uttered before. I held him close. I studied his face.

Living Loved Is Like Being Adopted

[Living Loved is Like Being Adopted Image]

By Beth Demme

When I talk with my children about adoption, I ground everything in that precious four-letter word, L‑O‑V‑E. I think #NationalAdoptionMonth is a great time to explore what it means to Live Loved.

When my children were toddlers, they learned their adoption story as part of their bedtime routine. I would tell them:

How Adoption Changed My View of God

By Beth Demme

Changing View of God


My husband and I are parents by adoption. I have some great stories about our adoption journey, some of which would make you roll with laughter and others that would leave you weeping.

Adoption brought a lot of changes to my life (hello, babies!). One of the unexpected changes adoption brought me was a new understanding of God. In fact, adoption completely changed my view of God.

At the beginning of the journey, I thought of God as a detached, all knowing deity. I felt God had put me on my path, given me free will, and now was out there … somewhere. I would look to my circumstances and if things felt good, God was there. If not, God was absent.

Adoption Awareness Month 2015

St. Basil's Moscow (by @BethDemme)

St. Basil’s Cathedral in  Moscow. Photo Credit: Beth Demme

November is #NationalAdoptionMonth. As an adoptive mom, this month is a time for me to celebrate everyone who made our family a reality. Of course, I’ll take any excuse to celebrate my children, their heritage, and the beautiful way God brought us together!

Here are some pieces I’ve written about adoption, to get your adoption celebration started:

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