Can I Be Overwhelmed With Joy?

The Wise Men Got Lost On the Way to Joy

Joyful Children Wise Men

I’ve had an epiphany! Actually, we’re all having another Epiphany.

It’s more than a sudden inspiration; it’s a season on the church calendar. It’s the time of year we celebrate the arrival of the Wise Men.

The Wise Men were astrologers. They were star and sky readers.

A star led the Wise Men to Jesus, but if you read the story closely, it seems like they got lost along the way.

I can relate to that. Sometimes I, too, get lost on the way to God.

How to Find True Joy

By Beth Demme

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What do you know about gold? My knowledge of gold is mainly this: it makes pretty jewelry, like the wedding ring I’ve worn for nearly twenty years.

It turns out there’s a lot more to gold than its beauty.

Gold starts as a rock in the ground. It gets mined —cut— out of the ground. Picture bulldozers and pick axes. The rock pulled from the ground is pulverized into a powder and either roasted at an insanely hot temperature or dissolved in a cyanide solution.

A few years ago my family visited a mining museum in British Columbia. The museum was at an abandoned, but maintained, mine. We rode an old mining train and toured the sorting facilities. There was a lot of great sciencey stuff, but my main takeaway was this:

How Ugly Leads to Beautiful

Woman Smiling In Front of Brick Wall

I spent the week pausing to #NoticeTheBeauty around me. This particular week blended the last of my family’s summer fun with the beginning of a new school year. The busyness made it the perfect week to intentionally notice the natural beauty around me and the beautiful moments in my life.

I noticed the natural beauty of fawns feeding in the field behind my house. I was overwhelmed at the incredible color of a deep pink crepe myrtle. I sliced open a tomato and stood in amazement at the St. John’s Cross inside. (Click here to see it.)

As my children launched into a new school year, I basked in the beauty of … them. I said prayers of thanks for their incredible energy, love, and joy.

I invited you to share your stories with me, and you did!