cant earn Gods love

Why I’ll Never Earn God’s Love

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Do you consider yourself a hard worker? I do. The work I do is not physically demanding, but I am diligent and dependable. I like it when I’m trusted with a leadership role or an important project. It feels good to be seen as capable and competent. As I’m learning, learning, learning to live loved I see how my desire to be seen …


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In Episode 50,  Steph and I share our experience with forgiveness. We talk about why there are times it is more powerful to forgive and remember than it is to forgive and forget. Also, people sometimes think of forgiveness as a response to an apology, but Steph and I have discovered that forgiveness isn’t necessarily tied to an apology. In fact, …


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In Episode 49, Steph and I have an honest conversation about silence. We reflect on why it’s important to have silence, but why it can be hard to come by. Steph loves to be in the quiet of the woods, but I tend to be a verbal processor. Also, I’m never really in silence because of a condition called Tinnitus. …


Why Creating Rest Is Important

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In Christianity, we acknowledge that God is the Creator of all that was, all that is, and all that will be. In spite of this, I think we fail to give God credit for one of my favorite parts of creation: REST. The genesis of rest is Genesis. I know there is a lot of consternation and disagreement over the …


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In Episode 48, Steph and I have an honest conversation about the difference between empathy and pity. Why do we feel sorry for people, and how do we communicate those feelings? How can we communicate empathy in a way that builds relationships instead of cutting off communication? Steph and I reflect on how it has felt to receive pity from …

Cancer Tree

How a Tree Gave Me Hope In the Midst of Cancer

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September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. I am a survivor. I want you to survive, too. I want the women in your life to have a best-case scenario like I did. Here’s a piece of my story.  I had been going to the doctor every few weeks for months. There was a “situation” we were monitoring. At every visit, my …

Discovering Our Scars Podcast E47


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In Episode 47, Steph and I were joined by special guest, Daniel Kuykendall. Steph and Daniel worked together at Apple about a decade ago and they’ve been friends ever since. Daniel is a commercial photographer and videographer, but he’s a guest on this episode to talk about something much more personal—his life as a Type 1 Diabetic. This is an …

key to being you

The Key to Being You

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Have you ever been given the keys to something? My husband and I recently gave our daughter the keys to her first car. The joy (and terror) of that moment will be with me for a long time! Maybe you remember getting the keys to your first car? Your first apartment? Or maybe you remember the first time you worked …


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In Episode 46, Steph and I have an honest conversation about what it’s like to lose someone during a pandemic. There has been a lot of attention on COVID deaths—rightly so—but how has COVID changed our grieving process even when COVID is not the cause of death? Steph shares stories about her grandmother who passed away (not from COVID) on …


Jesus Heals the “Other”

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You probably know the expression, “Mama Bear.” A Mama Bear is the kind of mom who is normally a sucker for hugs and cuddles, but who can become downright ferocious when her cub needs to be protected. In Matthew 15, Jesus meets a Mama Bear. She calls to Jesus saying, “Have mercy on me, Lord, Son of David; my daughter …