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In Episode 45, Steph and I talk about the #MeToo movement and some of our #MeToo moments. We explore when the movement started and how we each became aware of it. We have a healthy discussion about what we each think the phrase “sexual harassment” means (or doesn’t). Steph shares about being at an industry event and being touched inappropriately by an executive. I talk about how memories of #MeToo moments from years ago linger and I wonder out loud if my 40-something self would respond differently than my 20-something self. These experiences are important for women (and men!) to not only acknowledge, but talk about openly. When we shy away from bringing these incidents to light, we create an environment where they can fester. In the Questions for Reflection, we invite you to reflect on the #MeToo movement and whether you’ve had your own #MeToo moments.

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