The Prayer Book

ThePrayerBook_largeThe Prayer Book Skill for Alexa

With the Prayer Book, Alexa (your Amazon Echo) can speak a mealtime prayer for you or your family.

Even a quick prayer can be a meaningful connection to the God who loves us. Praying before your meal gives you an opportunity to give thanks for all you have, but it’s also a much needed pause in your day. Life is hectic and sometimes we forget to pause, catch our breath, and lift up a few words of thanksgiving. Alexa makes it fun and easy!

The Prayer Book includes a variety of succinct non-denominational Christian prayers. You can also use the brief prayers in the Prayer Book skill to model gratitude for the children and teens in your home, and to teach them new prayers.

Activate the skill* and then simply say “Alexa, say a prayer from the Prayer Book.” Close your eyes and listen as Alexa recites the prayer.

To activate the Prayer Book, say: “Alexa, enable the prayer book skill.”

To see how all of this works without purchasing an Echo, visit this website and log in with your Amazon account.

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