Discovering Our Scares, Episode 143

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September is Suicide Awareness Month. Veterinary professionals are significantly more likely to die by suicide than people working in other professions. Our special guest, Stephanie B., has been a vet professional for many years. She shares her insights about why individuals in this industry are susceptible to this tragic ending. 

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In each episode, we offer you a few prompts to think about how that day’s conversation applies to you. You might pause the podcast and answer them right then and there, but if you keep a journal (Steph and Beth both do), feel free to download and print a PDF of the Questions for Reflection we’ve made just for you: 

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  1. What surprised you during today’s conversation?
  2. Have you ever had to euthanize an animal? Did you think about how it impacted the vet’s office?
  3. Have you ever had a colleague who died by suicide? Do you think the job played a role in their decision?
  4. What do you think happens to animals after they die?