Discovering Our Scars Episode 124

Beth Demme Blog

We continue our journey with Steph through her memoir, Discovering My Scars. Steph and Beth listen to Chapter 2 of the audiobook and discuss it. When Steph was fourteen, she was diagnosed with depression. She reacted by denying her feelings and trying to put on a happy face. In high school, she discovered a love for video production and re-built her Girl Scout Troop, but the depression was still there. Steph reflects on that and more in this episode. This episode is an invitation to reflect on what you remember about your own childhood and how key experiences as a child and teenager still influence who you are today.

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  1. How much of your childhood do you remember?
  2. In high school, Steph discovered a passion for production. What are you passionate about? When did you realize it?
  3. What was 9/11 like for you?
  4. Think about a time you saw something in another that gave you insight about yourself. Who was it? What was it like for you?