Discovering Our Scars, Episode 131

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Our special guest for this episode is my long-time friend Katrina. Katrina served in the US Army from 1998 to 2014. She served in the US, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. She shares with Steph and me what it was like to be in the Army and what it’s like now to be a female veteran. How does it feel for her when someone thanks her for her service? How can civilians best show their appreciation to veterans? She tells us this and more in this episode of the Discovering Our Scars podcast.

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In each episode, we offer you a few prompts to think about how that day’s conversation applies to you. You might pause the podcast and answer them right then and there, but if you keep a journal (Steph and I both do), feel free to download and print a PDF of the Questions for Reflection we’ve made just for you: 

Landscape or Portrait

  1. How do you celebrate Veterans Day? Or do you not celebrate it? Why?
  2. Do you know anyone who is or was in the military? Have you ever had an in-depth conversation with them about it? Reflect on that.
  3. Did Katrina’s experience change or confirm your thoughts in any way on women in the military?
  4. Did you or would you ever consider joining the military? Why?