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Divorce is a deeply personal, life-changing event that can be hard to talk about. Neither Steph nor I have ever been divorced so we brought in my friend Christi Gray for this honest conversation. Christi is a lawyer who has specialized exclusively in family law (i.e., divorces and what happens afterward) for ten years. Christi brings not only her professional experience but also her personal experience to this conversation. She explains how divorce is not only a legal proceeding but also a psychological process and why it is that it only takes one person to end a marriage. Steph, Christi, and I talk about all of the reasons people get divorced, what it costs, how long it takes, and how a little bit of knowledge about divorce can influence good decisions related to marriage.

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  1. What are your thoughts on marriage and divorce?
  2. Do you think a prenuptial agreement is a signal that the people getting married expect their marriage to end?
  3. Do you think marriage should be a lifetime commitment? Why?
  4. Do you see divorce as a failure? Why?