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Never underestimate the importance of being part of something bigger than yourself. Steph and I were each part of Girl Scouts, but Steph took it much farther than most—all the way to the end of high school, in fact! Steph sold cookies and earned badges along the way but as a senior in high school she earned the prestigious Gold Award. In this episode, Steph and I have an honest conversation about how the things we experience in high school can shape us for the rest of our lives.

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1. Were you part of any organizations in high school? How has that influenced who you are today?
2. Have you had the experience of being part of something that was bigger than yourself? What was that like for you?
3. What is your experience with the Girl Scouts organization? Do you still think it’s just cookies?
4. Do you think there’s value in women-run organizations that are just for women? Have you ever thought about it?