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Steph and I have an honest conversation about what sin is, what it isn’t, and who decides. We delve into the ethics of sin by asking questions like: If murder is sin, then is the executioner who carries out the death penalty committing a sin? And in what ways is sin individual and in what ways is it communal? Are there things that are okay for some people to do, but sinful when done by others? Can you commit a sin and not even know you’ve done it, or does sin require awareness? What if you are raised in a sinful system where a sin like racism is perpetuated? Steph and I also talk about how some people seem to be laser-focused on the sins of other people without any apparent awareness of their own shortcomings.

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  1. Do you believe in sin? What are your sins?
  2. Is it easier to see sin in yourself or others? Why?
  3. How is self-awareness essential to understanding sin?
  4. Do you think ignorance is a sin?