Learning Plans

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The Bible is kind of … massive. It’s a library of 66 books printed on hundreds of pages. In fact, the study Bibles I use each have more than two thousand pages.

In order to get through that much material in a meaningful way, you have to think like a teacher – you need a lesson plan.

Our tendency is to choose a pre-made plan requiring us to read only a few verses a day. This is great at first because it seems manageable, but ultimately we can end up with a piecemeal understanding of the Bible.

Although I’m embarrassed to admit this, maybe you can relate. I grew up in church and Sunday school, but I couldn’t put the most basic Bible facts in order. I couldn’t tell you whether Moses came before or after Noah without really thinking about it. (Hint: Almost everyone except Adam comes after Noah on account of that crazy flood.)

My first learning goal was to develop a big picture understanding of the entire Bible.

Maybe you already have a strong foundation in the basics. In that case, start keeping track of the things you want to know more about.

Having a plan is always a great place to start. Make your plan today and get started!

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Un-Boring the Bible: Biblical Overview Learning Plan Un-Boring the Bible: List of Learning Goals