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Beth Demme


Thanks for stopping by. It’s nice to see you. Beth Demme

I’m a mom, a pastor, and a lawyer. I also happen to be a full-time seminary student.

I’m married to my high school sweetheart. We have two amazing children, both of whom we adopted in Russia. They are brother and sister–and we have the sibling rivalry to prove it–but they aren’t biologically related. This has never been a big deal to me. Many of the people I love aren’t biologically related to me at all!

I have a passion for connecting with people through public speaking.

To find out more, please see my Speaking page or contact me.

I have spoken at many women’s groups, met many moms (especially through MOPS), and served on multiple short-term international missions teams. Through these experiences, I’ve found that women often don’t let themselves live loved.

I want to encourage you to embrace the truth– you are wonderful.

I want to help you Live Loved.

I wish I could sit down with you over a cup of coffee and tell you to ignore the negative words that may reverberate in your mind and, instead, remember this: against all odds, despite your present circumstances, and regardless of your choices, you are lovable.

It’s such a simple idea until you really start to let it sink in. Then it can seem impossible, absolutely too good to be true.

I am broken, but still beautiful.

I am a mess, but still lovable.

I make mistakes, but I’m still valuable.

This is true of you, too. You are broken, but still beautiful. You are a mess, but still lovable. You make mistakes, but you are still valuable.

In my own journey, I have found that God is bigger than my mistakes, my questions, and, yes, even my doubts. I have found the joy of being in relationship with God.

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I take comments on the blog (even though mean people scare me) and you can always email me, or find me on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you!

Beth Demme