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I would love to be the guest speaker at your next women's meeting, retreat, or event. I'm a trained courtroom advocate, but I bring a softer side to my presentations. Admittedly, some of the skills used to keep a judge or jury engaged come in handy, especially in a room full of busy women!

I'm easy to work with because I've been in your shoes. I've planned many, many meetings and had to work with guest speakers. My goal is to make your meeting memorable and meaningful.

 Contact me to talk about what you need and how I can help.



As we plan together, here’s what you can expect from me:

  1. Prompt response to your e-mail messages and phone calls.
  2. An initial consultation with me personally to discuss what you need and how I can help fill that need.
  3. Advance discussion of what technology I’ll use based on what your venue has available. (No need for you to stress about the technology, I’ll bring what I need or adapt the presentation to fit your venue.)
  4. If your event allows for discussion, I’ll provide discussion questions for you to preview, edit, and use.
  5. I’ll draft and provide a brief description of myself and my presentation for you to use in your publicity materials.
  6. E-mail confirmation of all details in advance of your event.
  7. A professionally prepared and delivered presentation that keeps within the time you allocate to me and sticks to the message we’ve agreed on.

Contact me to talk about what you need and how I can help.




Below you'll find some information on presentations I've done in the past. For your group, I can give one of these presentations or create a new one focusing on your theme or topic.

Bible 100

Bible 100 by Beth Demme

The Bible is Manageable & Meaningful. Whether you are brand new to bible study or you've studied it casually for years, you can learn something new in Bible 100. In 100 minutes or less we'll cover Genesis to Revelation in order to understand the Bible as a complete work. We'll see how the big picture gives a new appreciation of the beauty of each smaller picture.

This workshop is designed to happen in either a single 100-minute session or it can be used in a retreat setting over multiple sessions. (Click here to learn more.)

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The Power of Vulnerability

Power of Vulnerability

Harness the power of vulnerability in 3 easy steps. Vulnerability can be scary, even risky. Someone may take advantage of our weaknesses or reject or even mistreat us because of our past mistakes. Sometimes we think, "my mistakes are worse and my shame is deeper." In an effort to seem strong, we end up living an emotionally stripped down existence. The good news is, anyone who prays is already practicing vulnerability. Using that as a model for accessing the power of vulnerability in others areas of our lives, we'll look at how living loved means we have the power to be vulnerable.

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Unanswered Prayers

Thankful for Unanswered Prayers @BethDemme

A Journey in International Adoption. While some parents go to the local hospital, my husband and I went to one that was more than 6,000 miles away. We journeyed through infertility and traveled the world to find our children. Our experience with Russian adoption is completely positive. This talk is about how the adoption journey deepened my relationship with God. Building our family is an amazing example of how unanswered prayer can be a blessing. 

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Marital Bliss?

Key Ingredients to a Championship Marriage @BethDemme

Key Ingredients to a Championship Marriage. Although there's more than one recipe for a happy marriage, there are some key ingredients that will help you cook up a Championship Marriage. If you've ever been part of a championship sports team, you probably think your teammates are some of the best people in the world. Being in a championship marriage will leave you feeling the same way about your spouse, with an important added bonus -- physical intimacy. 

This presentation is a favorite with audiences because it's full of practical advice and personal anecdotes. For example, I share how spending all day with a talkative toddler nearly de-railed the lines of communication in my marriage. Motherhood left me wanting peace and quiet at the end of the day, not more conversation. I share how this impacted my marriage and how I fixed it.

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Am I More Than My Mistakes?

More Than My Mistakes @BethDemme

Confession: I make a lot of mistakes. This used to frustrate, and even scare me, especially in parenting. Like a lot of moms, I unknowingly fell into the trap of defining myself by my mistakes. I'll open an escape pod and help participants free themselves from that trap. This presentation uses a lot of humor and relies on prominent "theologians" like Hannah Montana. I'll get audience members thinking about how and why parenting is harder than we expect it to be. We'll look at the best, and worst, parts of a mom's day. Most importantly, we'll learn how to forgive ourselves for the mommy-mistakes that still haunt us.

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