E38 Periods


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In Episode 38, my 16-year-old daughter joins Steph and me for an honest conversation about something that half the world’s population will deal with at some point—periods. I was reluctant to have this conversation, but we realized that might be generational! We tackled this from the perspective of three women in three different generations (Gen X, Millennial, and Gen Z). From Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret? to birth control pills, body shame, and even menopause, what do we share and what is unique to each generation? Is this something men should be in conversation about? Also, why do schools and businesses provide toilet paper free of charge, but not feminine products? Why aren’t we doing more to address the problem of young women missing school just because they lack the monthly supplies they need? This is a lighthearted conversation about an important topic. I hope you’ll listen.

You can read more about the episode and get our Questions for Reflection here.

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