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We each have different hats we wear at work and at home, but do we also wear masks? Do they hide who we truly are? Are there times when it is healthy and appropriate to hide our feelings? In this episode of the podcast, Steph and I have an honest conversation wearing masks and why it’s important not to wear a mask so long you lose track of who you are. Steph asks if we can safely put on the mask for the person we want to be (like we would dress for the job we want) or is that unhealthy? I then realize, almost mid-sentence, that I am old school when it comes to job interview attire. We also talk about the ways that people sometimes hold up mirrors so they never have to reveal themselves, always reflecting ourselves back to us. This episode even includes an honest conversation about heaven and hell and the masks church folks wear. Also — stay tuned for a good chuckle about pronunciations.

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