Stop Believing The Lies

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By Beth Demme For the last couple of years, I’ve worked with middle-school girls in the youth group at our church. The girls are at the beginning of the journey to figure out who they are and who they want to be. I love watching this journey, despite the jerky starts and stops. Last year one of the girls asked …

The Problem With Father’s Day

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By Beth Demme As we approach Father’s Day this year I’m in the midst of an emotional quandary, pulled between grief and celebration. It’s already been 16 months since my father passed away, but it seems like we were chatting and laughing together yesterday. His absence from my life is palpable and bottomless. In these months, nearly a dozen of …

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Why I Need to Pause Today

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When I teach Bible 100, I spend a lot of time on Genesis. I spend a disproportionate amount of time on this one book because it sets the foundation for the 65 books that follow. Genesis can be controversial. It raises questions about literalism, science, history, timelines, miracles, and more. I think I’ve allowed those bits to overshadow an important foundational principle …

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God Is Big Enough For Our Disagreements

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I tried. Honestly, I tried. I joined a Facebook group based on a version of Christian theology I knew I didn’t entirely agree with. I hoped to learn something by observing the conversation. Disagreement doesn’t scare me; I’m comfortable admitting there is a lot I don’t know. Plus, I try not to insulate myself with only like-minded people. I want …

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Not Just Another Nobody

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Have you ever met someone who was completely defined by their appearance? About five or six years ago I met a former Miss Universe. She was incredibly beautiful, but also articulate, kind, charming, and easy to be around.  There’s a “but” in that sentence because she wasn’t what I expected. I expected just another pretty face, but she turned out …

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How To Find Peace

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I often “find” myself in the stories of the Bible (it’s one of the reasons I keep reading), but recently I found myself in a new way in one of the old stories (which is another reason I keep reading – the words don’t change, but my understanding does). In Luke 7, Jesus is having dinner at the home of …

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Measuring Your Child’s Value

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{This is a guest post I wrote for a blog-series called: “Helping Children Build A Strong Sense of Self-Worth.” Take a minute to read the whole series here or here. Thanks to Lisa and Tanya for encouraging moms to think and write about this topic and more.} Early in our children’s elementary school experience I learned to dread “The Weekly Folder.” Very early. …

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The Power of Vulnerability

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Vulnerability is scary. If you know about my worst mistakes (and the shame I feel about them) there’s a chance you will choose to reject me or even mistreat me. Even though I know that everyone makes mistakes, I still wonder if my mistakes are worse and my shame is deeper. It’s as if somewhere along the way to trapping our …

Happy Blog-day!

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They say 1 dog year = 7 human years. If that’s true, I think 1 blog year = about 17 thousand million human years. One year ago this week I launched this blog so I’m basically an expert on this. To mark the one year anniversary, I’m going back to the beginning. This is one of the first things I …