Scorekeeper or Redeemer?

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As you’ve probably noticed, it’s World Cup time! The thing about every sport—even a low-scoring sport like soccer—is that it all comes down to keeping score. Television commentators sometimes say profound things like, “Well, one thing we can say for sure is that whoever has the most points at the end of today’s game, will pull out a victory and …

Jesus Is Authority and Mystery

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Jesus Is Authority and Mystery By Beth Demme Jesus is an interesting mix of authority and mystery. In Mark 1:21-28, Jesus is teaching in the synagogue on the Sabbath and people are “’astounded” at his authority. Jesus is there at the synagogue with a small group of disciples who also responded to his authority. Just a few verses earlier they were fishermen. …

God Is Bigger Than My Theology

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Boat Theology By Beth Demme You know the passage in Matthew where Jesus walks on the water? Jesus and the disciples feed over five thousand people with only five loaves and two fish. (Matthew 14:17-21) Jesus then herds the disciples into a boat and sends them across the Sea of Galilee. Later, Jesus was ready to join them and “he …

The Power of Apology

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The Power of Apology to Soften the Heart & Open the Mind By Beth Demme Apologies are powerful things. I learned this first-hand when I practiced law full-time. I often represented nursing homes being sued for negligence in the death of a resident. You might not believe me, but most of the time people in nursing homes die of natural …

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The Power of Vulnerability

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Vulnerability is scary. If you know about my worst mistakes (and the shame I feel about them) there’s a chance you will choose to reject me or even mistreat me. Even though I know that everyone makes mistakes, I still wonder if my mistakes are worse and my shame is deeper. It’s as if somewhere along the way to trapping our …