A Lesson In Humility

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By Beth Demme “They are the problem. Not me,” I said, completely unaware of how sanctimonious and unfriendly I sounded. “They don’t seem to know how to express the love of God.” I went on, still unaware of the growing plank in my eye. “Some Christians are just closed-minded and they wrap that mess up in a cloak of false …

Does God Think I’m a Failure?

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Living Expectantly, Part 2: Does God Think I’m a Failure? By Beth Demme Last week we started looking at what it means to live expectantly, instead of living with expectations. Do you think God has expectations for you? Have you ever wondered if God thinks you’re a failure? As I shared before, I once ordered a bar stool, but I didn’t …

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The Power of Vulnerability

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Vulnerability is scary. If you know about my worst mistakes (and the shame I feel about them) there’s a chance you will choose to reject me or even mistreat me. Even though I know that everyone makes mistakes, I still wonder if my mistakes are worse and my shame is deeper. It’s as if somewhere along the way to trapping our …