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5 Truths I Know About You

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5 Truths I Know About You (But You May Not Know About Yourself

There are (at least) five truths I want my children, nieces, and nephews to know about themselves. As I pondered this list, I realized you might need to hear them, too. So I invite you to read this list and insert yourself as the recipient.

To those of you who are parents, I wonder if you have communicated these truths to your children but never to yourself? If so, I hope you choose a course correction today.

1.  You’re a Terrific Person.

Really, you are. You are fun to spend time with (most of the time). You are made of sugar and spice and everything nice (even if sometimes you’re a little heavy on the spice).

I like you even on those days you aren’t so fun to be with or the spice is running a little thick. It’s okay, I have those days, too. I choose not to define you by the hardest days and I know you do the same for me.

2. You’re Talented

You have innate skills you shouldn’t ignore or minimize.

When I hear you play drums or see a picture you’ve drawn, I’m amazed. I tried to be a musician and I even drew a picture (once), but I have none of the talent God has given you.

Your skills go beyond music and art. You also have amazing interpersonal skills. I’ve seen you use your charisma to charm adults and your smile to melt the hardest of hearts. You really are someone wonderful.

3. You’re Made For More

Don’t be afraid of the big dreams. God has given you those dreams for a reason.

When people tell you to choose only one thing or to think smaller, ignore them. You were made for more than their limitations.

Because I know you were made for more, I sometimes worry. I worry about you, for you, over you. Most of that worry has to do with my own issues, but more importantly — it doesn’t matter, because you are worth it. Every ounce of worry and every tear are outweighed by the smiles and joy you add to my life.

4. You’re Wrong Sometimes

Sometimes you act like you should (or do) know everything. Please try to remember, you don’t have to know everything. Mistakes are great learning opportunities.

Also, I want you to stop taking your mistakes so personally. There’s no requirement that you live a “perfect” life. My love for you is freely given and unconditional. No mistake of yours can diminish my love for you even the tiniest bit.

5. You’re Likeable

You are very, very likeable. Despite this, not everyone you meet will like you.

When you meet someone who chooses to dislike you, chalk it up to life experience and move on. Don’t waste your time trying to earn their approval.  You can’t control other people’s attitudes and opinions, but you can waste a lot of yourself trying.

You may be tempted to dislike them in return. Don’t bother. Choosing to dislike someone won’t get you very far in your own happiness.

Your happiness matters to me. I want you to live your life to the fullest. Not every day will be sunshine and roses, but I hope each day has glimpses of both.

Tell me — did you know these truths? What prevents you from fully embracing them? What other truths do you think we need to communicate? Would these even make your short list? Tell me about it on Twitter, Facebook, or in an e-mail.


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