Be Loved Women’s Conference (Nicaragua)

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In September I had the privilege of leading a small team of women from three different US churches to León, Nicaragua with

Our primary purpose was to host a three-day conference for 100 women. Our theme? Be Loved (Se Amado).

Our goal was to encourage and empower the women of León. Too often women around the world, including the women in León, minimize the significance of their contributions to society through family, business, and community activities.

The Conference included teaching by North Americans and Nicaraguan women. Participants had time to learn about God’s love, strengthen friendships, and participate in several craft activities.

Guess what! All 100 women attended the conference free of charge!

I’m beyond excited to have been part of the adventure. The other women on the team were amazing and inspiring.

Feel free to send me a message if you have questions about the Conference, about 12 Churches, or how you can help with my future work in Nicaragua.

To read about my past work in Nicaragua, click here.

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