Discovering Our Scars, Episode 122

Beth Demme Blog

Steph’s memoir, Discovering My Scars, is the inspiration for our podcast. For the first time, Steph and I listen to the audiobook version together and discuss it. This episode covers the Introduction and Chapter One. Steph introduces the story and explains her motivation for writing and sharing it. Then we are with her as she uses NSSI as a coping mechanism and ends up in a mental hospital—a traumatic and dehumanizing experience. More episodes like this will be sprinkled in the feed in the coming months.

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  1. Have you ever felt led to write your own story in book form? Explore that idea.
  2. What do your scars say about you?
  3. Have you experienced a life-changing, traumatic event? What was it? Did you know at the time that it would be life-changing, for better or worse?
  4. Steph describes looking at herself in the mirror and being unrecognizable. Can you relate to this experience? What was it like for you?