Discovering Our Scars, Episode 126

Beth Demme Blog

I joke that I am an easy “yes.” I start from “yes,” and I try to say “yes” whenever possible. Steph tends to ask questions and get information before saying yes or no. I admit that I’m a people-pleaser with a serious case of FOMO. Steph confesses that she once said no when a friend asked her to be a bridesmaid. What does it mean to be a yes-person? What are the repercussions of saying yes when you should have said no?

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  1. Do you consider yourself a “yes” person?
  2. Have you made a decision based on the fear of missing out, FOMO, and later regretted it? Why?
  3. Are there times you would rather endure a bad experience than say no?
  4. Do you think it’s important to say yes to more things in your life? Why or why not?