Discovering Our Scars, Episode 129

Beth Demme Blog

We continue our journey with Steph through her memoir, Discovering My Scars. Steph and I listen to Chapter 3 of the audiobook and discuss it. This chapter is about Steph’s first few hours in the mental hospital, when she was in a holding pen like an animal. We talk about some of the patients Steph was with and what it was like for her when her family refused to help her get out.

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In each episode, we offer you a few prompts to think about how that day’s conversation applies to you. You might pause the podcast and answer them right then and there, but if you keep a journal (Steph and I both do), feel free to download and print a PDF of the Questions for Reflection we’ve made just for you:  Landscape or Portrait

  1. Have you or someone you’ve known ever been in the system? What system was it? How did you get out?
  2. Think about a moment that changed you. Reflect on that moment now.
  3. Have you ever felt like a family member didn’t support you? Has it been hard to forgive them?
  4. Have you ever been comforted by the sheer presence of another person even when they couldn’t fix whatever problem you were facing?