Discovering Our Scars, Episode 133

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We continue our journey with Steph through her memoir, Discovering My Scars. Steph and I listen to Chapter 4 of the audiobook and discuss it. Steph begins using Non-Suicidal Self-Injury (NSSI) as a coping mechanism and, later, admits it to her mom. Her parents immediately help her find a psychologist. This is an honest conversation about everything from pretending to be “normal” to the cleansing power of tears.

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In each episode, we offer you a few prompts to think about how that day’s conversation applies to you. You might pause the podcast and answer them right then and there, but if you keep a journal (Steph and Beth both do), feel free to download and print a PDF of the Questions for Reflection we’ve made just for you: 
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  1. Have there been times you felt like you were playing the part of normal human in society? What was that like for you?
  2. Have you experienced depression or mental illness and felt that you needed to hide it from other people?
  3. Have you ever had thoughts of not being alive? How do you feel about that?
  4. Do you apologize for crying? Why or why not?