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Six years ago Steph’s friend David began revealing to people that he is gay. In this episode, he joins Steph and me for an honest conversation about what that was like. Straight people never have to “come out” to their parents, declaring their attraction to another gender.  When we step back and look at what our LGBTQ+ friends go through, we can see how strange it must be. For David, being honest about his attraction to men meant relinquishing leadership and teaching roles at his church and risking a rift with close family and friends. David is generous in telling his story. He talks about his surprise and appreciation for the people who chose not to reject him and he extends tremendous grace to those folks who tried to express their concern for his eternal salvation based on the “choice” they believed he was making. David even pauses to point out that life for him as a white gay man is privileged, unlike the lives of transgender persons of color. This graciousness pervades David’s story and his outlook on life.

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