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Prayer is the ultimate honest conversation. God is not a vending machine and prayer is not about putting in our order. Why do some people have an active prayer life? What do they get out of it? And talking to God is one thing, but what about hearing from God? Is it weird to hear an audible voice and know that it’s God? Steph and Beth have an honest conversation about what it’s like for them to talk to—and hear from—God.

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1.      Have you had an experience like what Steph and Beth shared about talking with God? What was it like for you? If you haven’t had that experience, how do you feel about what they shared? 
2.      What does God’s voice sound like to you? 
3.      Do you think people who talk to God are “weird” or “crazy”? 
4.      Think about some practical ways you can improve your prayer or mediation life (or your quiet time). Make a list of 2 or 3 things you can try this week.