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What does your name say about who you are? In this episode, Steph and I have an honest conversation about the connection between name and identity. I talk about my ill-fated middle-school attempt to go by my actual name (Elizabeth). I also talk about the decision to change my children’s names when they were adopted. While their Russian names were special and important, my husband and I felt that it was an opportunity to give them roots and a sense of family connection. Steph talks about choosing her public-facing name and using that as an opportunity to honor a part of her family heritage that might otherwise have been lost. Also, I share which nicknames I really can’t stand (for myself)!

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  1. Is there any family connection in your name? Does that matter to you? Why?
  2. Have you ever considered changing any part of your name? Why?
  3. Do people typically say or spell your name wrong? Does that bother you?
  4. Are there certain nicknames that only certain people can use with you? Reflect on those names and relationships.