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Summer is over. School has started nearly everywhere. My church, and probably yours too, has launched the new Sunday School/Discipleship year. We have new classes and Bible studies starting this week and next.

That makes this the perfect time to ask yourself: Why? 

Why study the Bible? 

There are some amazing reasons to study it, and some not-so-great reasons to study it. Figuring out your own “why” is the first step in setting a meaningful Bible reading goal.

I wasted a lot of time on Bible reading goals that were all wrong.

In fact, I used to sign up for every new Bible study thinking “the more homework the better; I really want to know this book.” Then my schedule would explode, or my motivation for that particular study would wane, and within weeks I would again find myself wishing I knew the Bible better.Post-It-To-Do-list

If that sounds familiar, it’s time to break the pattern by setting a Bible reading goal you will actually accomplish.

Let me help you move your Bible reading goal from intention to completion.

Our tendency is to choose a pre-made plan requiring us to read only a few verses a day. This is great at first because it seems manageable, but ultimately we can end up with a piecemeal understanding of the Bible.

Instead of only learning the Bible story-by-story (or sermon-point-by-sermon-point) it helps to have an overview of the Biblical story.

When you download “How to Set A Bible Reading Goal You Will Actually Accomplish,” you’ll also get a learning plan that uses the New Testament to teach the Old. The Biblical authors repeat and reiterate lessons, themes, and symbols. By looking at some of the New Testament recapitulations of the Old Testament stories, we can quickly gain an overview of the entire Biblical narrative.

The Bible is manageable and meaningful. Manageable meaning you can read and understand it. Meaningful because reading the Bible will help you understand God and yourself better.

I hope you’ll enjoy the download. If you do, I hope you’ll share it.  Tell a Friend Form data missing

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