The Problem With Father’s Day

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By Beth Demme As we approach Father’s Day this year I’m in the midst of an emotional quandary, pulled between grief and celebration. It’s already been 16 months since my father passed away, but it seems like we were chatting and laughing together yesterday. His absence from my life is palpable and bottomless. In these months, nearly a dozen of …

Little Boy Yelling

God Is Big Enough For Our Disagreements

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I tried. Honestly, I tried. I joined a Facebook group based on a version of Christian theology I knew I didn’t entirely agree with. I hoped to learn something by observing the conversation. Disagreement doesn’t scare me; I’m comfortable admitting there is a lot I don’t know. Plus, I try not to insulate myself with only like-minded people. I want …

Spring Clean Your Attitude in 3 Steps

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I was standing in my closet the other day, contemplating how badly it needs to be cleaned out. Standing there and thinking wasn’t as productive as actually cleaning it out, but —to be honest— I still felt like I accomplished something. Standing there, I came face to face with reality. My closet is crowded with stuff I don’t need. There …


Valleys Lead to Mountaintops

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Lately I’ve been asking myself, “What is my life communicating?” After all, we are each writing our own life story day by day. Guess what? Storytelling can be hard. When I was in high school, our 10th-grade English teacher, Ms. Albritton, taught us about something called “The Tilley Plot Scheme.” This is the front of Professor Tilley’s book and it …