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Your Story Isn’t Finished

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We have a tradition in our family, our own catchphrase. In our home videos we never say, “The End.” Instead, we always say “More to Come.”


I don’t remember when it started, but it’s now ingrained in all of us. In fact, when the kids want me to stop-it-already-with-the-video-camera they’ll smile and, sort of sarcastically, say “more to come, mommmmmm.” That’s my cue to start watching with my eyes instead of the lens.

More to come is an invitation to pay attention to the developing story.

Usually our video camera catches happy family moments (we don’t turn it on when we’re arguing!), but our catchphrase applies on the bad days, too. On good days, we’re saying, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” On bad days, it’s a statement of hope.

Whatever happens today, there’s more to come.

I was reminded of this in an improbable place the other day—the movie theater bathroom. The woman two stalls over was either on the phone or giving herself the most amazing pep talk ever.

This is what I heard her say: “It takes years to understand some things. You won’t get over this in a few weeks or months. I would say: remember your story isn’t finished. Your story is still unfolding.”

I wanted to shout back, “Yes! Yes! Yes! More to Come!” but given my location, I decided to keep my thoughts to myself.

I don’t know what her friend was facing, whether it was the end of a relationship or a job, or the end of a different kind of dream. It was obviously something painful and hard to understand.

Today you might find yourself in a tough situation.

Maybe you’re dealing with unemployment, loneliness, or grief. Maybe money is tight and you’re worried about paying the bills. Maybe parenting (or work or marriage or life) feels impossibly hard today. Whatever the challenge, remember—it’s not the end of your story.

Your story is unfolding.

Today’s challenge could be the beginning of something amazing. Just like the bathroom talker said, it takes years to understand some things. I really, really wanted to be a mommy when our infertility diagnosis came through. At the time it felt like the end, but now I understand it was the beginning. (Read more about that here.)

Maybe today isn’t tough at all. Maybe today is the best day you’ve had in a long time. Guess what, there’s more to come!

In Romans, the Apostle Paul writes: “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13. Whether today is an amazingly good day, or an amazingly tough day, I hope you will overflow with joy and peace and the hope of more to come.

Take a minute and tell me about what you hope for in your more to come moments in an e-mail or on Facebook or Twitter.

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