God Knows I’m Trying

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You’ve probably seen this video showing a group of ducklings struggling to follow Mommy Duck up the stairs. If you haven’t seen it, take ten seconds to watch this part of it — it will make you smile! What you see is the twelfth little duckling trying to hop to the top. Eleven have managed, but he seems unable to conquer the …

The Internet Almost Ruined Easter

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The internet can ruin anything. It’s true. You probably know better than to Google your symptoms when you feel sick, but that’s just the beginning. Never ask Google when the world will end, what diet soda will do to your health, or what “defects” the FDA permits in our food. Trust me, you don’t want to know.  You may think it’s safe to Google …

Now Available: Un-Boring the Bible

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I tried many times to make myself read the Bible. It was a part of my daily to-do list that often went un-done. Regular Bible reading wasn’t happening for me because it wasn’t any fun. Reading the Bible was hard, confusing, and sometimes scary. Reading fiction about Biblical characters sparked my curiosity and transformed Bible reading from a surplus item on my to-do …

Is the Bible boring?

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Is this how Bible study makes you feel? Yep, I know. It’s one of those things “good Christians” aren’t supposed to say. But since “good Christians” are supposed to be honest, let’s just admit it — sometimes reading the B-I-B-L-E is B-O-R-I-N-G. But it doesn’t have to be! Coming soon: How to Un-Boring the Bible!

Beth Demme Nicaragua Dec 2014

Why Jesus is Powerless

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The Nicaraguan countryside was dark all around us, but the lights of the hostel courtyard shone brightly. The world was quiet except for our easy conversation and the occasional thump of a bug bumping into a light. Some of us sat in chairs, others swayed gently in hammocks. One of our youngest team members, an eight-year old girl, read out …