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Letting God Push You Around

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Have you ever seen God? Like, with your eyes? I think maybe I have. There is a superbly wrinkled Asian grandfather who walks in my neighborhood everyday. I see him at 3:00 p.m. when I clock-in for my shift as driver of the mom-taxi. As I’m leaving the neighborhood to pick up my children from school and activities, I see …

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Dealing With Your Negative Soundtrack

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By Beth Demme I think we all have a soundtrack, or maybe a movie reel, that plays in the background of our thoughts. Sometimes mine goes negative and gets loud. Recently, the volume on my negative soundtrack spiked after a stranger went out of her way to call me a bad mom. This is kind of a long story, but …

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How I Learned To Accept People Who See God Differently

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By Beth Demme I sort of met a US Supreme Court Justice one time and the subject of aliens came up. When I was in law school, John Paul Stevens visited our campus. Even though Constitutional Law was my least favorite class, I understood how cool it was that he was hanging out at my school. He gave a brief lecture …

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How to Keep Going, Despite The Fear

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The other day I woke up in a really bad mood. Somehow I knew I was grumpy even before my eyes opened. My eyebrows dove toward my nose and the corners of my lips dragged toward my chin. My “morning face” was even scarier than usual. I forced myself to say a silent prayer to God, thanking Him for the …