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God Is Big Enough For Our Disagreements

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I tried. Honestly, I tried. I joined a Facebook group based on a version of Christian theology I knew I didn’t entirely agree with. I hoped to learn something by observing the conversation. Disagreement doesn’t scare me; I’m comfortable admitting there is a lot I don’t know. Plus, I try not to insulate myself with only like-minded people. I want …

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Not Just Another Nobody

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Have you ever met someone who was completely defined by their appearance? About five or six years ago I met a former Miss Universe. She was incredibly beautiful, but also articulate, kind, charming, and easy to be around.  There’s a “but” in that sentence because she wasn’t what I expected. I expected just another pretty face, but she turned out …

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How To Find Peace

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I often “find” myself in the stories of the Bible (it’s one of the reasons I keep reading), but recently I found myself in a new way in one of the old stories (which is another reason I keep reading – the words don’t change, but my understanding does). In Luke 7, Jesus is having dinner at the home of …

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Measuring Your Child’s Value

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{This is a guest post I wrote for a blog-series called: “Helping Children Build A Strong Sense of Self-Worth.” Take a minute to read the whole series here or here. Thanks to Lisa and Tanya for encouraging moms to think and write about this topic and more.} Early in our children’s elementary school experience I learned to dread “The Weekly Folder.” Very early. …

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The Power of Vulnerability

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Vulnerability is scary. If you know about my worst mistakes (and the shame I feel about them) there’s a chance you will choose to reject me or even mistreat me. Even though I know that everyone makes mistakes, I still wonder if my mistakes are worse and my shame is deeper. It’s as if somewhere along the way to trapping our …

Happy Blog-day!

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They say 1 dog year = 7 human years. If that’s true, I think 1 blog year = about 17 thousand million human years. One year ago this week I launched this blog so I’m basically an expert on this. To mark the one year anniversary, I’m going back to the beginning. This is one of the first things I …

Solitude Cures Loneliness

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Last Fall I was in Colorado, attending a conference by myself. The conference was at a beautiful resort in an idyllic mountain setting. My room had a big comfy chair and French doors I could open to enjoy the cool Fall breeze. It was an ideal place to be alone. The night before I was scheduled to leave, the front desk clerk …

Be The Boss

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Be The Boss Of Your Own Life, Stop Letting Your Schedule Run You “Now that I’ve had the taste of running something, I don’t think I could go back,” my husband said as we pondered the benefits (and challenges) of being self-employed. Self-employment is something a lot of people talk and write about. Often they talk about it wistfully as …