DOSPOD Episode 87

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Steph and I celebrate the second anniversary of the podcast! More than ever, we are all about sharing personal experiences and learning from each other. Of course, honest conversations are the best way to make that happen and that’s still foundational to Discovering Our Scars. If you have a long-term goal or project, this episode will resonate with you and …


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Steph and I are joined in this episode by Steph’s high school friend, Megan. As high school ended, Steph could see that Megan was struggling with depression. Unknown to Megan, Steph was struggling, too. Steph tried to “fix” Megan, rather than working on herself but Megan wasn’t ready. They drifted apart for a few years. When they reconnected, they realized …

pentecost new beginning

Pentecost: A Breath of New Beginning

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We all know there are four seasons—winter, spring, summer, and autumn. I live in the northern part of Florida, just on the border with Georgia. Unlike our friends further south in Florida, we are lucky enough to get at least a taste of each of the four seasons. Some of them are fleeting, but we enjoy them while we can! …


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In Episode 85, Steph and I talk about some of the things we’ve been diagnosed (or misdiagnosed) with and what that feels like. For Steph, a diagnosis of PTSD felt like a relief because she understood what she was dealing with and she knew that her psychologist understood, too. For me, knowing what type of cancer I had was instrumental …



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Steph and I both grew up hearing about “Stranger Danger.” The idea of a stranger is amorphous and unclear, and it only alerts children to potential external danger. But most child abuse happens at the hands of someone the child knows—that was the case for Steph. She was abused by someone her family trusted. This is an honest conversation about …


God Shows No Partiality

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Have you ever been rejected? Like, really rejected? Have you ever shown up at a party, a meeting, or (worst of all!) a church, and everyone seemed to be sending you not-so-subtle cues that you were not welcome there? Rejection is difficult and yet, it’s an almost universal experience. In fact, if we haven’t experienced rejection, maybe we aren’t trying …


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In this episode, I try to call Steph out for failing to say “Bless You” when someone sneezes. Steph asks why we say “excuse me” or “bless you” in response to normal bodily functions. Why do we have a problem with our bodies doing what they need to do, when they need to do it? This is an honest conversation …



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Experts say that hate against AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) communities has risen during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode, Steph and I are joined by my friend, Dr. Su Wang. Su and I grew up together in Pensacola, Florida. Su says that during those days, she tried to assimilate into the White community and sometimes felt embarrassed by her family’s …


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Some people are talking about weight gain during the pandemic as their “COVID-19,” a nod to the “Freshman 15” (the idea that people often gain fifteen pounds during their first year of college). This prompted Steph and me to have a conversation I have actually been avoiding—a conversation about weight, body size, and health. I have been overweight my entire …


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After a year of living under the weight of a pandemic, we have a new hope; we have vaccines! Steph and I chose to get vaccinated for COVID-19, but we also recognize there are reasons why some folks are hesitant. This is an honest conversation about COVID, vaccines, and how we can make space for disagreement in the midst of …