Discovering Our Scars Episode 105

Beth Demme Blog

Sandy was just a teenager who loved her church. It was a place she felt accepted and celebrated. When a new youth pastor was hired, he saw Sandy’s love for the church and used it against her. He started grooming her for a long-term abusive relationship before her sixteenth birthday. When the abuse was finally discovered, the church moved the pastor on to another congregation (after celebrating him with a big going away party) and they asked Sandy to worship elsewhere. Sandy’s story teaches us that church is a place where victims are susceptible to predators because the institution is set up for inherent trust—something predators know well.

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  1. How do you feel after hearing Sandy’s story?
  2. What have you learned about the grooming process used by sexual predators?
  3. Do you know any sexual abuse survivors? Are you a survivor yourself? Reflect on that.
  4. How does the fact that Sandy’s abuse happened through the church impact your connection to the story?