Discovering Our Scars Podcast, Episode 116

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When Steph was in the mental hospital, Pastor Matt visited her. He brought her clothes and the journal that ended up being the beginning of her book, Discovering My Scars. You heard Steph’s side of the story in Episode 2 and here you can hear Matt’s side of Steph’s story. How did they end up in the same city? How …


Discovering Our Scars Podcast, Episode 115

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Ballerinas and figure skaters are graceful. Some folks exhibit grace under pressure. We say grace before a meal (at least, that’s what people call it where Steph and Beth live). So, what IS grace anyway? Steph asks Pastor Beth to explain “grace,” and together they explore how grace exists culturally outside of any religious context. What is the connection between …


Discovering Our Scars, Episode 114

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For two years, the COVID pandemic has been our shared global experience. Two years in, we have to ask, have things changed FOR GOOD? Have they changed permanently? Have things changed in a way that is beneficial? Steph and Beth review their own lives and find new commitments to public health as well as new friendships and other positives that …


Discovering Our Scars Episode 105

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Sandy was just a teenager who loved her church. It was a place she felt accepted and celebrated. When a new youth pastor was hired, he saw Sandy’s love for the church and used it against her. He started grooming her for a long-term abusive relationship before her sixteenth birthday. When the abuse was finally discovered, the church moved the …


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Money is something that is essential and yet it’s one of those things we are taught not to talk about. In fact, culture says it’s downright rude to discuss money. The reality is many of us are carrying around money scars. In this episode, Steph and I both share honestly about the money messages communicated to us as we were …

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Steph and I have an honest conversation about dreaming big and being ready for our dreams to come true. We talk about whether there’s a difference between an idea, a goal, and a dream. We also address the reality that we sometimes let other people discourage our dreams. Steph and I each share about some of our dreams that have …


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How Siri Taught Me to Ask for What I Want In Episode 41, Steph and I explore the art of asking for what you want. You have to know what you want in order to ask for it! Voice assistants like Siri and Alexa (my personal favorite!) can only respond to a command when it is clearly stated. This need …