The Biggest Obstacle to Living Loved and How to Overcome It

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what keeps me (and you) from living loved. It can be summed up as simply as “life.” But, like most superficial and overly-simplified answers, this isn’t very helpful. For me, the biggest obstacle to living loved is this—I know myself.

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Acceptance Doesn’t Mean Forgetting

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This week’s post is about grief, but it’s also about parenting and learning from our children. Like last week, if you would rather not read about grief, I understand — I would rather not write about it. But maybe you too are grieving and this will bring you some comfort. I hope that in the midst of whatever feelings you …

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Living Loved In Grief

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This week’s post is straight from my heart, but it is definitely not light-hearted. If you would rather not read about grief, I understand — I would rather not write about it. But maybe you’re struggling, too. Maybe you’ve taken on the guilt of an answered prayer and you need to read this. If so, I hope this helps you …


Life is Like A Game of Frogger

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I love video games. Not the new fancy xBox type games, but old school Namco and Konami games. In fact, for my birthday a couple of years ago my husband gave me an arcade style Ms. Pac-Man. (He’s a true romantic, Ms. Pac-Man eats heart-shaped pellets. ❤) It has more than Ms. Pac-Man, it has all the classics. Over the …

How Other People See You Matters

What Other People Think About You Matters

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I know what your mother told you — don’t worry about what other people think of you, it doesn’t matter. I know because I’ve told my children the same thing. It’s a sound piece of advice, except when it isn’t. The truth is, sometimes other people see you more accurately than you see yourself.


Be Loved Women’s Conference (Nicaragua)

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In September I had the privilege of leading a small team of women from three different US churches to León, Nicaragua with www.TwelveChurches.org. Our primary purpose was to host a three-day conference for 100 women. Our theme? Be Loved (Se Amado).

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Are You a User or Are You Useful?

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“I have to find a new church.” Gary said. “The new worship leader just isn’t doing it for me. Those hawaiian print shirts he wears?! Please. 1983 called and Magnum PI needs his wardrobe back.”

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Living Loved, Even Wit Mistakes

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Did you catch the typo in the title? If so, we probably have something in common. I seem to have a radar for those kinds of mistakes. During a visit to the zoo, I made my son pause at the sign for the Mountian Goat. On a road trip, I laughed out loud when we crossed the “Georgia-Florida Pwky.” I …

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The Problem of Self-Sufficiency

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One of my daughter’s favorite refrains when she was a toddler was “Do it my big-self, Mommy.” It was a phrase that simultaneously made me happy (so proud!) and terrified (she’s not ready!). If you’ve spent any time around the preschool scene, you know toddlers can go from clingy to independent in an instant. It’s fun to watch them as …

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As A Mom I’m No Olympian

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I have a confession: I’m not an Olympian. Not as a mom or in any other way, really. I have occasionally met parents who believe they can train like Olympians. Do you know these people? They try to read, research, plan, and pray their way to the gold medal platform. Usually, these folks have an infant or are expecting their …