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Are You a User or Are You Useful?

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“I have to find a new church.” Gary said. “The new worship leader just isn’t doing it for me. Those hawaiian print shirts he wears?! Please. 1983 called and Magnum PI needs his wardrobe back.”

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Living Loved, Even Wit Mistakes

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Did you catch the typo in the title? If so, we probably have something in common. I seem to have a radar for those kinds of mistakes. During a visit to the zoo, I made my son pause at the sign for the Mountian Goat. On a road trip, I laughed out loud when we crossed the “Georgia-Florida Pwky.” I …

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The Problem of Self-Sufficiency

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One of my daughter’s favorite refrains when she was a toddler was “Do it my big-self, Mommy.” It was a phrase that simultaneously made me happy (so proud!) and terrified (she’s not ready!). If you’ve spent any time around the preschool scene, you know toddlers can go from clingy to independent in an instant. It’s fun to watch them as …

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As A Mom I’m No Olympian

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I have a confession: I’m not an Olympian. Not as a mom or in any other way, really. I have occasionally met parents who believe they can train like Olympians. Do you know these people? They try to read, research, plan, and pray their way to the gold medal platform. Usually, these folks have an infant or are expecting their …

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Your Story Isn’t Finished

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We have a tradition in our family, our own catchphrase. In our home videos we never say, “The End.” Instead, we always say “More to Come.”   I don’t remember when it started, but it’s now ingrained in all of us. In fact, when the kids want me to stop-it-already-with-the-video-camera they’ll smile and, sort of sarcastically, say “more to come, …

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Being Right Is the Wrong Goal

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A few years ago, my husband and I moved into our dream home. We spent about three years working with professionals to design and build it. We oversaw every detail, even deciding where each outlet and light switch would sit. It’s the kind of experience that creates conflict and frustration for many couples. The sheer number of decisions required can …

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Today Matters More Than Tomorrow

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There we were, cuddled up in the big rocking recliner. I held my sweet baby as he sucked on his thumb and his eyelids grew heavy. I felt the weight and warmth of him against my arms. I sang to him and studied his face. He was eleven months old and we had been home from Russia for only a …

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Stop Honking, You Can’t See The Whole Street

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Honk. HONK. Honnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnk. I was pumping gas when I heard the horn. On the adjacent street a woman in a small luxury car was honking at the big sport utility vehicle in front of her. Using exaggerated gestures and wide eyes she yelled, “you CAN’T stop here!” As I watched her gestures and deciphered her words, I thought, “calm down …

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You Won’t Exist Forever

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You Won’t Exist Forever Do you ever get discouraged by the fact that your life isn’t bigger or more grand? Sometimes I find myself mistakenly thinking I can sort of defeat mortality if I can do something to be remembered. My father passed away recently and the grief I find myself wading through everyday makes my own mortality press in …

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Sharing Your Problem May Be Better Than Solving It

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Sharing Your Problem May Be Better Than Solving It As soon as I walked in, I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, allowing the funky old-house smell to fill my pores. “I love the way your house smells,” I told my friend Becky. She stared at me like she was waiting for a punchline. I continued, “Really, I do.” Seeing …