Discovering Our Scars, Episode 132

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The typical “American Dream” is to work hard so you can play hard. Success means a family that looks a certain way, a home that looks a certain way, and a life that looks a certain way. And it’s all based on consumption. We buy more to feel more.  But is there another way? What is YOUR dream, how has …


Discovering Our Scars, Episode 131

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Our special guest for this episode is my long-time friend Katrina. Katrina served in the US Army from 1998 to 2014. She served in the US, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea. She shares with Steph and me what it was like to be in the Army and what it’s like now to be a female veteran. How does it feel for …


Discovering Our Scars, Episode 130

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This is an honest conversation about what happens when we die. Who decides who goes to Hell? Do all Christians believe in Hell? Do I have all the answers about the afterlife since I am a pastor? (Spoiler alert: I do not.) Ratings and reviews are welcome, or you can leave a comment on the episode page at dospod.us. Click here to …

but God

Pivoting from But to God

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Sometimes it comes out as a whine. “But God, I’ve been waiting for so long.” On my worst days, I hear it coming out of me like a toddler-style tantrum, “But God, I just can’t do it!” In these “but God” prayers, my emphasis is in the wrong place. Instead of “but God,” I need to pivot to “but God.” From “but …


Discovering Our Scars, Episode 129

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We continue our journey with Steph through her memoir, Discovering My Scars. Steph and I listen to Chapter 3 of the audiobook and discuss it. This chapter is about Steph’s first few hours in the mental hospital, when she was in a holding pen like an animal. We talk about some of the patients Steph was with and what it …


Is Faith a Race?

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Faith is not about training and performing. Faith is not about being scored, judged, or evaluated. <Tweet this.> Despite this, many Christians seem to train extensively; almost as if they are wannabe faith Olympians. I speak from personal experience. When I was in the Olympic training phase of my spiritual journey, I thought everything was binary (right/wrong, black/white, up/down, heaven/hell). …


Discovering Our Scars, Episode 128

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Steph and I talk about our physical and emotional scars, but what are the steps we’ve taken to be able to say we love our scars? Do we love our scars? Why? Ratings and reviews are welcome, or you can leave a comment on the episode page at dospod.us. Click here to read more about the episode and access the show notes …

Discovering Our Scars, Episode 127

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In this episode, “One of My Twins is Transgender (with Lisa),” Steph and I talk with the mom of a transgender son. Lisa thought she had a son and twin daughters, but by age four one of the twins began to describe themselves differently. Now, Lisa has a son and boy/girl twins. She generously shares with Steph and me how …


Discovering Our Scars, Episode 126

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I joke that I am an easy “yes.” I start from “yes,” and I try to say “yes” whenever possible. Steph tends to ask questions and get information before saying yes or no. I admit that I’m a people-pleaser with a serious case of FOMO. Steph confesses that she once said no when a friend asked her to be a …


Discovering Our Scars, Episode 125

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My podcast partner, Steph readily admits she has a chip on her shoulder when it comes to men, but the reality is men have tremendous power. They make decisions that impact the lives of women in huge ways, often with very little input from women. In this episode, Steph and I discuss why we think men need to do more …