Lent Isn’t About You

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Why don’t Sundays count in Lent? Because Lent isn’t about you. On Sunday, I took a bag of dryer lint to church with me. I know that sounds strange, but I used it in the Children’s Sermon to make a point about lint and Lent. I wanted a lighthearted way to introduce what can sometimes be a heavy topic. Lent can be …


God Knows I Can’t Help Myself

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By Beth Demme I like the expression, God helps those who help themselves. I like it because I believe I know how to help myself at least a little. If God helps those who help themselves and I am capable of helping myself, it’s as if I have a way to oblige God to be on my side. The problem is, when I …

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Reading the Bible in a Year is Overrated

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Have you ever decided to read the Bible in a year? How did it go? Did you start at Genesis 1:1 and work your way through to Revelation 22:21? Maybe you’ve intended to read through the Bible in a year but never quite made it. How long was it before you fell behind in your plan? I have some theories about why …


Even The Wise Men Got Lost

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Epiphany is more than a sudden inspiration; it’s a season on the church calendar. Epiphany begins with a celebration of the arrival of the Wise Men as described in Matthew 2:1-12. We tend to picture the Wise Men (on top of camels, of course) following the light of the brightest star in the sky straight to Jesus. As with most things in …

Advent Is Like an HGTV Show

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I admit it, I have spent way too many hours of my life watching HGTV. I love house hunting shows, but I also love home renovation shows. I especially like it when they set out to renovate and restore an entire house. Of course, the best part of those shows is The Big Reveal. Have you noticed they always take a commercial …


Yes, Mary Knew

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There’s a popular song we hear every Advent called “Mary, Did You Know?” It was first released by a Christian recording artist in 1991. Since then it’s been recorded by a variety of musicians and has appeared on multiple Billboard charts. We don’t really know what Mary knew 2000+ years ago at the first Advent (at least, I don’t), but …


Whatcha Waitin’ For?

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A new church year has begun! Advent is here! Advent means “coming” or “visit” and it’s the season when the church anticipates the birth of Jesus. In other words, this is a season dedicated to waiting. More than that, Advent is a season when we celebrate waiting. Waiting is not something I normally celebrate. When my family goes out to …


What To Do When Life Leaves You Speechless

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Some moments in life leave us speechless. Sometimes wonder, gratitude, disbelief, or grief seem to steal our words. There are times I want to pray, but there are no words. Other times the words come, but I know they are not enough. There are times when I am awe-struck by the beauty of creation or the gift of another day. There are …


Something To Remember When Times Are Tough

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We have a tradition in our family, our own catchphrase. In our home videos, we never say, “The End.” Instead, we always say “More to Come.” I don’t remember when it started, but it’s now ingrained in all of us. In fact, when the kids want me to stop-it-already-with-the-video they’ll smile and, sort of sarcastically, say “more to come, mommmmmm.” That’s my cue …


There Is A Big God and It’s Not Me (Or You)

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I want a GIANT poster that says, “There is a Big God and it’s NOT me.” This is the foundational truth at work in the Bible, from the very first sentence of the very first chapter. (Genesis 1:1) It’s the first of the Ten Commandments God speaks to the people of Moses. (Exodus 20:1-2)  Jesus himself says it’s the first …