Discovering Our Scars Episode 124

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We continue our journey with Steph through her memoir, Discovering My Scars. Steph and Beth listen to Chapter 2 of the audiobook and discuss it. When Steph was fourteen, she was diagnosed with depression. She reacted by denying her feelings and trying to put on a happy face. In high school, she discovered a love for video production and re-built …


Discovering Our Scars, Episode 123

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My daughter, Hannah, recently turned 18 and graduated from high school.  In this episode, Steph and I toss out not-so-rapid-fire questions to her about life and what she’s figured out so far. She answers questions about politics, personal rights, and more. When you were 18, how would you have answered these questions? How have your answers changed? Ratings and reviews are …


Discovering Our Scars, Episode 122

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Steph’s memoir, Discovering My Scars, is the inspiration for our podcast. For the first time, Steph and I listen to the audiobook version together and discuss it. This episode covers the Introduction and Chapter One. Steph introduces the story and explains her motivation for writing and sharing it. Then we are with her as she uses NSSI as a coping …


Discovering Our Scars Podcast, Episode 116

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When Steph was in the mental hospital, Pastor Matt visited her. He brought her clothes and the journal that ended up being the beginning of her book, Discovering My Scars. You heard Steph’s side of the story in Episode 2 and here you can hear Matt’s side of Steph’s story. How did they end up in the same city? How …


Discovering Our Scars Podcast, Episode 115

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Ballerinas and figure skaters are graceful. Some folks exhibit grace under pressure. We say grace before a meal (at least, that’s what people call it where Steph and Beth live). So, what IS grace anyway? Steph asks Pastor Beth to explain “grace,” and together they explore how grace exists culturally outside of any religious context. What is the connection between …


Discovering Our Scars, Episode 114

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For two years, the COVID pandemic has been our shared global experience. Two years in, we have to ask, have things changed FOR GOOD? Have they changed permanently? Have things changed in a way that is beneficial? Steph and Beth review their own lives and find new commitments to public health as well as new friendships and other positives that …

Discovering Our Scars Podcast, Episode 113

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From the earliest days of dreaming about the podcast, Steph and I knew we wanted to have Dr. Jill (Steph’s psychologist) as a guest. The long-awaited day has arrived! Dr. Jill joins us for a conversation about the kinds of people we can all stop wasting our emotions on. This is a great conversation about narcissism, psychopathy, sociopathy, and more. …


Discovering Our Scars Podcast, Episode 112

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Let’s face it, no one gets through life without some brokenness. We don’t choose our brokenness, but we can choose how we react to it. Do we see our brokenness as something ugly, or can we see the beauty in our healing and recovery? We aren’t saying we are broken but nonetheless beautiful, we are saying we are broken and …

Discovering Our Scars, Episode 111

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Some words trigger an involuntary reaction or feeling in us. In this episode, Steph and I share personal experiences with words that bother us. For me, it’s hearing someone claim the Bible CLEARLY says something. For Steph, it’s being called GIRL. For both of us, it’s being told we SHOULD do or say something. Sometimes trigger words are a minor …