Yes, Mary Knew

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There’s a popular song we hear every Advent called “Mary, Did You Know?” It was first released by a Christian recording artist in 1991. Since then it’s been recorded by a variety of musicians and has appeared on multiple Billboard charts. We don’t really know what Mary knew 2000+ years ago at the first Advent (at least, I don’t), but …


Whatcha Waitin’ For?

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A new church year has begun! Advent is here! Advent means “coming” or “visit” and it’s the season when the church anticipates the birth of Jesus. In other words, this is a season dedicated to waiting. More than that, Advent is a season when we celebrate waiting. Waiting is not something I normally celebrate. When my family goes out to …


What To Do When Life Leaves You Speechless

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Some moments in life leave us speechless. Sometimes wonder, gratitude, disbelief, or grief seem to steal our words. There are times I want to pray, but there are no words. Other times the words come, but I know they are not enough. There are times when I am awe-struck by the beauty of creation or the gift of another day. There are …


Something To Remember When Times Are Tough

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We have a tradition in our family, our own catchphrase. In our home videos, we never say, “The End.” Instead, we always say “More to Come.” I don’t remember when it started, but it’s now ingrained in all of us. In fact, when the kids want me to stop-it-already-with-the-video they’ll smile and, sort of sarcastically, say “more to come, mommmmmm.” That’s my cue …


There Is A Big God and It’s Not Me (Or You)

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I want a GIANT poster that says, “There is a Big God and it’s NOT me.” This is the foundational truth at work in the Bible, from the very first sentence of the very first chapter. (Genesis 1:1) It’s the first of the Ten Commandments God speaks to the people of Moses. (Exodus 20:1-2)  Jesus himself says it’s the first …


Your Emotions Can Drag You Through Time

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Are you a time traveler? No? Are you sure? Your emotions might be telling an altogether different story. Hear me out. I’ve never been good at science (especially the mathy parts) so I have no idea how actual time travel would work, even in theory, but I have noticed there are times my emotions drag me back … into the …


Better Than Contentment

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For a long time, I believed I was supposed to be content. I thought contentment meant maturing beyond my consumerism, greed, gluttony, and selfishness. I thought contentment was the natural outpouring of gratitude and the embodiment of joy. Contentment was so important to me, I tried to talk myself into it. I would mentally list all the amazingly wonderful parts …


Stop Wasting Your Talent

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For the first two weeks of school, the sign at the middle school near my house read, “School Starts at 3:25 am.” At first, I chuckled. By day four I wondered why they didn’t change it. By day six I was annoyed by the lingering typo. By day 10, I finally realized what was happening. Yep, it really took me …


Why We Need to Pause

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By Beth Demme There’s something you should know about me. I’m a hugger. I love to hug my children and my husband, but my hugging doesn’t stop there. If we’re friends and I see you at my child’s school, on the soccer fields, or in the grocery store, I’m likely to hug you. On Sunday morning, I go from one …

How I Know God Is Looking For You

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(The Parable of the Lost Sheep) When my daughter was a toddler, I lost her. We were at a community event and as I paused to watch a performance, she toddled off. I swear I didn’t take my eyes off of her for more than a few seconds. When I went to pick her up, she was gone. I looked …